Melting Pot

Melting Pot started in the summer of 1992 in San Pedro ,CA. Soul Station #1 & PineCone Man decided with their combined love of music, to start a group to bring groove to planet Earth.  Bringing a blend of Ska, Funk, Punk, Metal, Jazz to the Southern California area. They have played many shows in the California area as well as New Mexico and Arizona. They have shared stages with great artists such as Fishbone, the Skatalites, and Dave Wakeling. They relaesed an EP "Live at Berklee Square" and an LP "Polarities of Parodox" , and new EP "Dedication". MP Muzak has appeared on variety of Ska compilations and was also featured on a Ska documentary call "Red, White, and Black all Over". Melting Pot has been on a haitus a couple of years but have recently came back to save the world!!

Soul Station #1 - Good Vibe Technician, Tenor/Bari Sax, Flute, Vocals

Soul Station No.1 was born out of a band from San Pedro, CA called Melting Pot.  Soul Station has also performed with other bands such as The Allentons, Chingas De Mingus, Frijoles Negros, D.C. Clique, and the Sufferahs. He has also worked with artists such as Eric "Monty' Morris, Mums the Word, RedHeadphones, Rico Rodriguez, Leroy Sibbles, Freda Rente, DJ Julio, Irie Beats, George Hurley, and Mike Watt. When you see the brotha with the Buddha around his neck either playin' the sax, flute, singin', spinning records or spittin some rhymes, come up and say Hi. You see we were meant to meet this way

PineCone Man - Lead Guitar, Vocals

P-Funk - Trumpet, Vocals

P-funk is a working trumpeter/keyboardist born and raised in the LA area. He considers San Pedro his spiritual home and hopes to retire there when he is 90.

KiloGram - Keyboards, Vocals

Andy G. - Bass

Jack Perry - Drums

Coming from the land down under.

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