Melting Pot is getting back on track to perform more live shows.  We parted ways with our old drummer, Skin Technician.  We wish him well on all his endeavors.  We then picked up a new drummer, J.P. from Australia.  He's a young buck and always down for a good time.  Well, this gives us the opportunity to perform more shows within the future and we're excited.  Melting Pot is best served live, so make sure you get a chance to check us out whenever you get the chance.  If you want us to play in a town near you, contact us through this website or check out our facebook page.


Keeping it real June 20, 2015 @11:43 am

Boy, since the original drummer had left the band you would think Melting Pot would progress in all facets of musicianship - but no. Yes, great musicianship individually has continued but as a collective group Melting Pot has drizzled back into an non-orginized, bar- jam band with no entertainment value to point at that distinguishes them from the myriads of bands out there trying to make it. Oh wait, I am mistaken, maybe that's all that can be expected. Since the front-man of the band has made this group his own SS side-show (or whatever he calls himself these days), in so far as not willing to give up the microphone to better and more talented singers, so that the band could possibly advance musically and gain the ear of talent promoters in-turn possibly helping broaden the experience of playing live & and make some real coin for all the surviving & new members of Melting Pot, you would think that said individual would step outside of himself for a minute to evaluate that when you share the limelight you will gain even more. By the way, own the past and give credit where its do. Don't be a Mike Watt. Ask George Hurley, he might be able too fill you in. Karma baby!!!

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